Bramford Speke

Upton Pyne to Brampford Speke

Start off at Upton Pyne (4 miles north of Exeter). You can park in the village on the road for free. Here are driving directions from Bowerland.

From the churchyard

Turn left down the cobbled path following the lane as it goes through the village. Take the footpath right signed Cox’s Hill Farm. Keep ahead at a 2-fingerpost and follow the Devon Heartland Way. This path, in between some very pretty hedge banks, becomes unsurfaced before it enters a field.

Stay on the path through the field keeping the boundary to your right. There are some lovely views to your left. The track goes through a gap and into the next field. You will eventually reach the trees and the footpath leaves the field through a small gate on the right. Cross the plank bridge and then you will see another gate.

Keep straight ahead and cross a small field towards another footbridge. After the footbridge the path will wind its way through the field, keeping the woodland to your left. Walk over the boardwalk and then the path will cross another footbridge.  A kissing gate leads into another field, make sure you keep the hedge-bank to your left. At the end of the field the footpath will take you to the left, through a gap and onto a narrow path that will bend to the right.

Bramford Speke

At this point you should be able to see Brampford Speke in the distance. You will come up to a gate where there is a sign about a bull grazing.  This bull is very peaceful and shouldn’t take any notice of you. Pass through the gate and walk straight through the field, keep the hedge to your left. You will reach a gate at the far end. Leave the field through a metal kissing gate and follow the path beyond which will take you to the lane in Brampford Speke.


If you have time to stop for refreshments, go to the left to reach The Lazy Toad, a lovely foodie pub where you are sure to find a great menu to suit most tastes. Then retrace your steps to return to the lane to where the footpath came out. Pass this and keep ahead on the lane. Go straight ahead on the Exe Valley Way.

You will go past Lake Bridge Cottage in an uphill direction, passing other houses as well.  Keep ahead at the grassy triangle. You will pass Lower Southmoor Farm, and then a sign for Woodrow Barton.  The path turns into a track, go right by a dutch barn. Go ahead, crossing a stile between two oak trees, continuing in the same direction as before.  Head towards a pylon in the village.

Woodrow Barton

The lane will lead you to a yellow arrowed gate, cross a stile, then a track.  Go over a low wooden step between two posts and bear left across the grass to an arrowed post. From this point walk straight across the field and head towards the valley. You will see the house of Woodrow Barton to the right.

The path drops deeply to a 4 way fingerpost beside a gate. At this point you leave the Exe Valley Way and turn sharp right without going through the gate.  Follow the bridleway uphill along the stony track, passing between the house and barns of Woodrow Barton. Continue uphill on the track  – do not turn off. In the distance you will see the National Trust Killerton Estate. Go uphill, straight on towards the New Wood.

As you reach the trees, the track swings right but the bridleway goes straight ahead through a tumbledown gateway.  Keep ahead through the next field with the woodland on your left. At the end of the field leave through a gate and turn left along the lane. In about 500 m you will arrive at Brampford Cross.  Continue towards the church where you will return to find your car.

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Featured image by Derek Harper  | CC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons