max stay 7 train

Max’s Stay & Train

We are Julie and Alan and have just got home from Bowerland after spending 7 nights in the Old Dairy with our choccie Labrador, Max.  We live in Nottingham and the journey took us around 6 hours, the first service station stop was ok, but after that, Max’s bucket filled.

A great welcome

Mandy gave us a great welcome when we arrived at Bowerland and showed us around the Old Dairy cottage. We unloaded the car and then got Max out, who was shown into the super pink crate, which had already been set up for us.

Max’s Training

First day training was a group lesson, I was nervous to say the least! Max is a big lad and if he wants to go say hi, well he just goes!! But Sam was on it and everything went really well and he was on the field with 4 other dogs – huge win!  Next day, we had a lesson with Fred who assured me that I wasn’t hurting him with the head collar or depriving him of sniffing by keeping his head up, plus my voice was flat when I marked Max… I needed to get my mojo back!

  • A lesson with Jamie taught us how to get him and keep him engaged and again, getting his head up.
  • A lesson with Becky showed us where we were going wrong in getting him out the car.
  • Two more group lessons, Sam explained how to get out and about with the games, while Jamie concentrated on fitness. So much learning!!
The two final 1-2-1’s with Sam were incredible

I still feel emotional when I think of them. We went on the MOOR!! I love wild places, but never had the confidence to take him. But with coaching from Sam, we did it, not once but three times in total!! Back at the cottage, Sam ran through areas to focus on. There is quite a bit, but I’m feeling much more optimistic and excited about it.

The journey home was great and we tackled service stations just like we did on the moor. He hardly glanced at people or dogs, some of which were barking and staring. I’m so grateful to everyone at Bowerland and cannot recommend them highly enough.  And, yes, we are going back next year and have already booked!!

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