International Retreat

Our International Retreat

I cannot say enough about Devon Dogs and Bowerland. Everyone is so kind and helpful, from answering questions to assisting with our booking. The great experience starts before you even arrive. My husband and I travelled from the US for the International Retreat and stayed in the beautiful Dartmoor Inn Cottage.

Warm Welcome

We were greeted by Michelle who made us feel, not just welcomed, but at home. The cottage greeted us with welcome gifts of organic lemonade, shortbread biscuits, and delectable local honey. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene, we awoke to the song of birds every morning.

Training with Sparkle

There is something quite special about walking into spaces for the first time and know exactly where you are. We had several training sessions with Sam, Michelle, Jane and  Lauren. We were provided a lovely black spaniel named Sparkle to train with as the ten plus hour flight to England would not be suitable for our own dogs. Ms. Sparkle shone, just as bright as her name suggests, and deserves the title of trainer of humans… she certainly trained me. The sessions were packed with learning and help with our mechanics and, most of all, fun!

Renewed Sense of Confidence

We learned from the trainers as well as the other members of the retreat. I could not have dreamed  of a better group of people from around the globe to work and make friends with.  The week was full of laughs, teamwork, empowerment and more than a few tears of joy. I left with a renewed sense of confidence in tackling my dogs’ struggles and a game plan to achieve them.

My Husband wants to train too

To say that I recommend them is an understatement. To quote my husband that just came along for the trip and support, “the next time we come, I want to train too.” There will definitely be a next time and more for us.

There is magic in the air at Bowerland, and if you look closely, you might spot a fairy and quite a few unicorns.

Mercedes lives in Tampa, Florida with husband Philip  their cat Alexa, and dogs Loki and Coco. She loves bellydancing and playing games with her fur babies.