The Autumn Equinox marks the start of the transition from summer to winter. After the event, the days will get shorter and the nights get longer, marking the start of darker wintery evenings. The temperature will also being to drop. Autumn brings with it the changing of the leaves, when trees burst into shades of red, orange and brown. A beautiful time of year.

Fresh Start and Renewed Goals

There’s something about September/October that stirs us all up with excitement for fresh starts and renewed goals. We can give ourselves another chance to get organized, to pursue our dreams and ambitions, and to live with greater hope and intention before the year ends. For many of us, the days seem to fly by so quickly. But take heart, a new season is a great time to start again. We can renew our goals with more focus and determination and make every day count.

New Opportunities

The start of any new season often brings mixed emotions. Some of us may be experiencing the best year we have ever had. Whilst others may be dealing with one struggle after another, finding it hard just to wait for this year to end. Others may be grieving deep loss or big life changes. Some of us will be looking forward to new careers, fresh changes in life, or an upcoming move perhaps. But whatever your position, wherever you find yourself, a new season is also a great time for new opportunities. A time to take stock, to review your plans and hopes for the year. And to move forward with greater vigour.

Renew promises to yourself

And wherever we find ourselves at the start of the Autumn, it helps us to remember what matters most for us in our lives. Dig deep and renew your promises to yourself. Look within, and make the remaining months of the year matter. There is still time to achieve our hopes and desires, there’s still time to grow and develop in whichever way beckons us.

No regrets

So no regrets, no looking back, it is time to look forward and to appreciate where you are, what you have already achieved, and plan ahead for the remaining months of 2022!

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Featured image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay