Putsborough Sands

Putsborough Sands

Arguably the most beautiful beach in the area, Putsborough Sands is a must-see attraction of North Devon at any time of year.

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golden paste

Golden Paste

Turmeric is a fabulous natural anti-inflammatory. I add a small amount of golden paste to our dog’s daily food.

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Happiness & Joy

Happiness and joy are closely linked to health and wellbeing, both of which can be supported by enjoying a good lifestyle.

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calmness games

Top Calmness Games

One of our top calmness games is to teach a chin target. Gently place your hand up and onto your dog’s chin and, while it’s in place, feed your dog.

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coriander balls

Coriander Balls

Yummy! This week’s coriander balls recipe is full of wholesome, healthy ingredients, which your dogs will simply love.

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