creativity pt 2

Unlocking Your Creativity – Part 2

Last week we talked about preparing the ground, and putting yourself in the right frame of mind. We looked at picturing yourself as a plant, feeding it and nurturing it in order for it to grow and blossom.

This week we are continuing the theme of looking after yourself by being kind to yourself. One of the first, and probably the most important point to make, is that you need to treat yourself as well as you would treat others. You need to free yourself from the perfection bug and value you for just simply being you.

Ensure your emotional agility

•  Tackle stress head on.
•  Look at what makes you feel stressed.
•  Notice what emotions stress brings up in you.
•  But just notice, like clouds passing in the sky, let the feelings pass.
•  Don\’t dwell on the thoughts that stress you, don\’t focus on them, don\’t give them any attention – just notice them.

Last week we looked at filling your creative well, and paying attention to your creativity. We took note of what inspires you, and also what gets in the way. And finally, we committed to making you your priority.

Develop your creativity a step further
  1. Do something new. Start something different.  Perhaps something that you have always has an inkling for, or a yearning to do. It could be something pretty major such as helping out on a Raleigh International project. Or something more personal to you such as taking up a new sport, or hobby.
  2. Make a weekly date with yourself.  Do something on this date, if only to go for a walk, go out to a local coffee shop, visit the nearest museum or gallery.
  3. Dress to please you. Wear what pleases you, not what you feel you should wear. Be imaginative, wear clothes you have always fancied, change your style, if only for a while.
  4. Develop your playful side. Incorporate fun and play into your daily life. Laughter really is good for your creativity.
  5. Get up an hour earlier each day. Spend this time on yourself, doing whatever prepares you for the day ahead. You will be surprised at how valuable you find this time.

The ability to be creative lives within each one of us. We need to grasp the nettle, to be bold, and to start to nurture and grow as individuals. Hopefully these 5 tips, and the ones I posted last week, will go some way to help you to make a start. Just remember, creativity turns our thoughts and ideas into reality.

I hope you find these tips helpful. I would love to hear what you think about my ideas, and anything else you have come up with. Read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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Featured mage by Antonio López from Pixabay