tammy & harley

Tammy & Harley’s Stay & Train

I just wanted to write and say what a wonderful time I had at Bowerland a couple of weeks ago. I came down from London for a 4 night Stay and Train, which was just one of the best things I have done with my dog.

The Annexe

The Annexe was so lovely and cosy with everything I could possibly need. I was so excited on arrival that I forgot to take any pictures of the beautiful set up. The cottage wasn’t only set up for me it was set up for my pup as well. Travelling with a dog can sometimes be a little stressful – I always forget something! The welcome gifts were an especially lovely touch. Not only were there little biscuit treats for me, but also some amazing biscuit treats for Harley.

The training was incredible

Harley is a pickle, wonderful but a pickle and I needed the focus and assistance of the amazing team at Devon Dogs. The training was incredible. The added benefit is that our wonderful accommodation was next door, which just made the whole experience wonderfully simple. Being able to nip back to the cottage in between training for a cup of tea or a bite to eat was a dream. Harley was also hugely appreciative of it, as he found all the training exhausting!

Meldon & Okehampton

Not only did I get wonderful training on site at Bowerland but we also ventured off site, training at Meldon reservoir. I actually went back to the reservoir the following day for a walk and explore (even the rain couldn’t dampen the beauty of the place). We spent an afternoon mooching around Okehampton, it really is lovely having so many places to explore on the doorstep!

I am already planning my next stay!

About the author: Tammy is a television producer living in London. She used to be very hands on but is moving more towards consultancy, which meant the dream of having a dog became a reality. She also has an amazing support network she can call on, as work still takes her away from home. The dream is to only train dog partnerships (the human has to come with the dog), spending time with her own pup is enough for now.