Free Your Creative Mind

Unlocking the creativity from within helps us to grow and develop as an individual, like a plant, that needs the right environment and the best possible nurturing in order to bloom its best.

Putting in the Groundwork

By putting in the preparation work, the groundwork, you will achieve a better outcome. You will be in a better frame of mind, and feel inspired to move on and develop many aspects of your life. We can all make valuable contributions to the creative process, both for ourselves and others.

A few steps to start off with

This helps to open our minds and to clear the way to allow our creative imagination in.

• Get rid of things that block you, ie old clothes, shoes, possessions, etc
• Stop living through and talking about old glories
• Shed the past and stop worrying about the future

Once you have prepared the way, and feel ready to Unlock Your Creativity, read on.

5 Top Tips
  1. Fill your creative well. Top up your bank of creativity by reading, listening to, looking at, joining in with any of the following; viewing art and art galleries; going to operas; listening to classical music; in fact anything that uses your senses in any way.
  2. Pay attention to your creativity by meditating, writing, drawing, playing music, cooking; gardening; sewing, in fact anything at all that involves you doing something creative.
  3. Notice what inspires you. This could include looking at colourful things; feeling the space around you; listening to birdsong; enjoying the warmth of the sun, or of a real fire; valuing peace and quiet or noise and excitement, etc. Try to catch that feeling of inspiration and notice where and when you get it.
  4. Think about what gets in the way of you being creative. This could include not allowing yourself the time; putting yourself last in the priority list; not thinking you are good enough, etc.
  5. Make You your priority. Put yourself first when it comes to looking after you. Make sure you have time set aside every day for yourself and what you enjoy doing, if only for 20 minutes.

I hope these 5 tips have helped you to think about your creativity.  Next week I will continue this theme with some more tips – watch this space, there is plenty more to come! Read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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Featured image by Uwe Baumann from Pixabay