Adjust & Make Choices

With the start of the New Year just behind us, now is the time to take a real good look at our lives, and whether we feel we have got things right for us! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it is far more important that we are in touch with what’s right for us.

At the start of a New Year it seems timely to reflect on what’s happened, to look backwards before looking forward. The first thing to do is to take stock. And to spend some time reflecting on life as it is now. One helpful way to do this is to sit quietly by yourself, grab a paper and pen, and to start to list down anything that is relevant and important in your life. For example:

Divide the pages into separate columns
  • Things That Make Me Happy – and write down everything that springs to mind
  • Things That Don’t Make Me Happy – similarly, write down everything that springs to mind
The next column could be divided into headings such as:
  • Self Care (health, fitness, diet, relaxation etc)
  • Things that give you a Sense of Purpose (such as work related or task related)
  • Duties and Responsibilities – we all have them in some format or other
We all have choices

Now is the really interesting challenge – are there any adjustments you can make in any of the columns that will bring you closer to the things that make you happy? We all have choices – we can all make adjustments, and it is within our power to do so. There is no such word as can’t. We have to decide and make self-empowering choices to see the changes actually happen.

So perhaps the final column could be:
  • Adjustments I could make – this is the really interesting list. When we fully commit, our lives change for the better!

It’s pretty clear that both mental and physical well-being are still top of the list for many of us. One thing we have learnt in 2021, is that we cannot take our health for granted and that is why I will be focusing on health and happiness and making lifestyle changes in 2022. What about you?

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Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash