heal yourself part 2

Heal Yourself – Part 2

Last week we looked at the capacity we all have to heal ourselves. This week we are going to discuss how we can go about it. Here are my suggestions to begin the process of healing yourself.

1.  Look and Listen

What is your body telling you? Where are your symptoms? Are you having pains in your back, your shoulders? Do you have, for example, problems with your skin such as eczema or psoriasis?

2.  Start with a Detox

There are lots of advice and suggestions on the market. Pick what works for you, but be sensible. Nothing too drastic.  For me, I start by cutting out sugars, (including alcohol), wheat, dairy etc. I normally detox for between 1 – 3 days only.

3.  Drink more Fluids

Like water, and non-caffeine, non-sugar drinks. Most of us are dehydrated, and we don\’t even realise it. I buy sparkling water and add fresh lemon, and even ice cubes for a real treat!

4.  Take up some Healthy Pursuits

Such as walking outdoors, especially in areas of natural beauty, swimming or playing a sport.

5.  Take advice on Vitamins and Minerals

These can aid our healing process. Speak to your local health shop worker. Tell them about your symptoms. For example I have been advised to take Vitamin D.

6. Visit an Alternative Therapist or Healer

There are numerous examples of different types, it is your choice. Examples could include Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage and Faith or Energy Healers.

7.  Take up Meditation

A good antidote to stress. Daily practice helps release deeply stored stress in the system so the mind is peaceful, happy and free.

8. Let go of judgement on past or present events

Part of healing involves our emotions and a lot of that is to do with judgment – either of oneself or others. Let go of everything by deciding to give up judgement. Know that all of us do the best we can, even if it is not very pretty. Lovingly release whatever happened in the past and bring yourself back into the present moment.

If you’ve had a difficult past, you can also make a list and go through every single event in your life, applying compassionate forgiveness both to yourself and others. Do this as many times as you need.

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