wilf's peak training

Wilf’s Peak Training

We are home after a super second visit with you. This year we are able to stay on site in the great Old Dairy cottage, which was very clean, comfortable and easy to live in for a week. It has a super garden for Wilf and took only 2 minutes to get to the training arena to start our lessons. Plus parking is right outside the garden gate!

I am 73 and have had dogs all my life, but not one for 14 years. I have found several major problems, none of which were Wilf’s making. Firstly we had him at 8 weeks in the first lockdown, so he went nowhere, and nobody was able to visit. So this had a huge impact on us all.

Having never trained a dog before, I love it

This 7 day Stay & Train holiday has been really helpful as we concentrated on some of these particular issues and putting them into place as soon as we got home really has started to make a difference. He is now leash reactive to other dogs in a big way, which is something new since last November. He has separation anxiety, and can love or hate people when he’s outside. He enjoys visiting anyones house, but hates anyone coming to ours! Off lead he is perfect and loves every dog!!

Training in different places

This year’s lessons were in lots of different places, as well as Bowerland. Meldon reservoir is a fantastic place to train as well. We also had a very interesting afternoon training session in the Old Dairy garden. This was super helpful as Wilf doesn’t usually like having visitors at home!

We will definitely be back

We learned so much about ourselves and Wilf and came away with much needed focus, with plenty to work on going forward. We will win as we have faith that inside our NBN dog is a lovable little fella!

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Featured image by Valerie C.