Connection to Others

The most important thing in life is our connection to others. And how we connect and how we feel, are strong indicators of our sense of happiness, our sense of fulfillment in life. As human beings we are wired for connectivity, that is how our brains work, that is how we function.

We all need people we can confide in

We all need people that we share a mutual trust and love. We need to be in places where we can be ourselves, be genuine, and open up with our truths.  But this also means showing our vulnerabilities, showing our ‘weaknesses’, our fragile selves. Sometimes we find that we change ourselves to fit in with what we believe others are looking for, and therefore we are not really being our true authentic selves. Something doesn’t feel quite right.

Busy Lifestyles

Many of us would like to spend more time with people who are important to us. Sometimes having a busy lifestyle can make this difficult. Also, from time to time people and events in our lives change, and instead of being in the middle of good relationships with strong social lives, we can feel disconnected and lost in a world of our own. We can feel quite the opposite from the good times, and we feel totally separate and isolated from others.

Social Isolation

Research also suggests that social isolation from others can increase chances of death by at least 50%. A lack of human connection can be so harmful to us, and can be worse than many medical conditions. Which is even more important that we work at maintaining our social connections.

Tips to Connect with Others
  1. Be our true selves – look at how we can stand up for what we believe in, even if it goes against the grain of others.  Be true to our own selves, be authentic.
  2. Nurture our relationships – this can help us to feel happier and more secure, and can help to give us a greater sense of purpose in life.
  3. Be kind and compassionate, both to ourselves and to others around us.  Kindness is one of the ways we can connect deeply to others.  Don’t put yourself or others down, instead value all viewpoints, listen to what your heart is telling you and respect that others may have a different perspective than yours, but that it all views are valid.
  4. Feel your emotions – let them flow, don’t try to squash them or ignore them, but let them come.  Alongside hurt and rejection comes happiness and joy.
Closeness and Belonging

When we connect with others we feel a sense of closeness and belonging. There’s no criticism, no judgment, and we feel stronger and nourished after spending time and engaging with others. How we connect can be something quite simple, like a catch up over a cuppa with a friend, it could a phone call letting others know they are thought about, and that we are interested in their lives. It could be a hug from a family or friend after a long hard day, or it could be a kindness offered by a stranger.

Connecting with someone doesn’t have to always include the spoken word either. Just being in the company of others, can also be a loving, bonding experience. Read more Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay