agility show part 2

Agility Show Tips Part 2

Welcome back! Are you ready for more of our top tips? Here goes…

6. If your dog isn’t comfortable queuing get someone to queue for you

Agility is a highly exciting environment and some dogs don’t cope all that well too close to the stimulus. Some dogs also find it difficult to be in close proximity to other dogs. If you have a dog that really doesn’t like being stuck in a queue, ask someone to queue for you. If you have gone to a show alone, you can politely ask the people in the queue to save you a space – all you need to do is ask the person in front and the person behind where you would be standing if you were physically there.

7. Video your runs

One of the best forms of feedback is watching yourself back on video. Did something not quite go according to plan during your run? If you video yourself it will mean you can see what went well and what needs improving. Take the time to watch your videos back and take note of what you have observed. Take your videos to your trainer for their feedback so that you can come up with a training plan and new goals to reach.

8. Come Prepared

As the summer months are upon us it is essential to invest in ways to properly ventilate your vehicle. There are lots ways you can do this, from tailgates to silver reflective sheets that lie across your screens. While we’re talking about keeping your four pawed friend safe, we also recommend packing a first aid kit in your vehicle, just in case. You never know when you’ll need it.

9. Practice makes Progress

Does the show have a practice ring as part of your experience? Training and practicing in a show environment is so beneficial for you and your dog.

10. Smile, it is just agility!

OK, so your run didn’t go so well and it seems that things aren’t going according to plan. Everyone has off days so just put it all down to experience. At the end of the day agility should be fun so don’t get down in the mouth if you didn’t come home with a ribbon or two. The main thing is that you and your dog had an awesome day out together and you had fun!

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Featured image by Mel Taylor