torquay harbour

Torquay to Meadfoot

This week’s 4 mile moderate walk is based at Torquay Harbour on the South Devon Coast. Torquay has been a fashionable seaside resort since the 19th century and is known for its mild Mediterranean-like climate. About an hour’s drive from Bowerland.

Starting off at the Strand, Torquay
  1. Walk towards the Mallock Clock Tower, bearing left at the junction up towards Torwood Street.
  2. When you reach the traffic lights turn right into Parkhill Road, keep to the left up the hill and along Meadfoot Road.
  3. You will pass a car park on your left and Haytor Hotel on your right.
  4. Keep going until the road levels out and bears left after Lower Woodfield Road.
  5. Turn left into Higher Woodfield Road at the next junction. Immediately take the next right into Lincombe Drive. The road runs along the top of a steep, wooded cliff above Meadfoot Beach. Make sure you look over towards the sea, which is visible between the trees. Continue along this road.
  6. Carry on for about a mile, and the road will bear sharply to the left.
  7. You will spot a metal gate on the right with some steps leading downhill. Go down the steps, turning right at the bottom.
  8. Carry on until you see a junction with a footpath heading left, signposted to Kents Cavern. Go straight ahead unless you want to visit Kents Cavern.
Meadfoot Beach
  1. Turn left along the path signed to Meadfoot Beach and follow it along the edge of the woodland below Lincombe Slopes.
  2. At the fork stay left and follow the path downhill.
  3. Keep to the right and you will reach the bottom of the Ilsham Valley.
  4. You will see that the path forks at the mouth of the valley, but make sure you keep left, and follow the sign to Thatcher Point.
  5. You will come out at the beach at Meadfoot, take a turn to the right along Meadfoot Sea Road.
  6. When you reach the end of the beach follow the road uphill on the right until you come to steps on the left, just after the public toilets.

Make sure you turn left up these steps and onto the path signed to Daddyhole. The next sign is for Beacon Cove. When you reach the top of the steps go through the archway in front of you and bear left. Carry on uphill and then bear left along the path towards the Duchy Hotel. You will see even more steps which lead up to Daddyhole Plain.

Walk along the Coast Path towards Torquay. When you get to the bottom of the steps you will see that the path divides. Turn to your left where you will see a lovely view to London Bridge. It is a lovely sight, a beautiful sandstone arch, created naturally by the sea.

At the road turn left to walk downhill, crossing the Millennium Bridge and turning right to walk around the harbour and return to The Strand.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful walk. Read more of our Wednesday Walks HERE. And see Devon Dog’s Calendar of Events HERE.

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Featured image by Lewis ClarkeCC BY-SA 3.0 | via Wikimedia Commons