Tintagel Castle and Coastline

Start and Finish Point: Tintagel Visitor Centre – PL34 0AJ

Why not take this 3.4 mile walk around Tintagel, one of Britain’s most visited resorts. It’s a wonderful walk for the family that explores the ruins of King Arthur’s castle on the clifftops of North Cornwall. Springtime is amazing when the sea is blue in the bright and beautiful sunshine, with primroses and blossoming thorn bushes. Autumn brings flocks of fulmars and gannets, which can be seen offshore. And it’s less than an hour’s drive from Bowerland. (Driving Directions from Bowerland).

  • Start your walk from Tintagel Visitor Centre walk towards the village centre, past King Arthur’s Great Halls and then the Old Post Office.
  • At the Cornishman Inn turn left and follow Vicarage Hill down to St Materiana Church.
  • From the main entrance to the church walk straight ahead to the gate.
  • Turn right in front of the car park and walk down to the South West Coast Path.
  • Turn right on the Coast Path and walk to Tintagel Castle.
  • From here drop down to the beach at Tintagel Haven.
  • Return afterwards to the Coast Path to carry on around the headland.
  • Carry on the Coast Path to the next big headland at Barras Nose.
  • Detour left to the tip of the headland for amazing views out across the Atlantic.
  • Return to the Coast Path. Ignore the small paths heading inland to continue above Smith\’s Cliff to where the Coast Path turns right and appears to be heading inland.
  • As the Coast Path turns left again in front of the fields, take the path carrying straight on ahead heading inland towards Bossiney.
  • Follow the green lane and then the tarmac lane to the main Bossiney Road.
  • On the main road turn right and follow Bossiney Road around onto Fore Street and back to the Visitor Centre.

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Featured image by Tintagel by KmtextorCC BY-SA 4.0 | via Wikimedia