cone game

The Cone Game – Why Play this?

This week we want to talk about the CONE GAME. You may have seen this game on a training video or even played it yourself! The goal of this game is for your dog to pop their head inside a cone! So, what is the point to it?

The cone game grows the concepts of optimism, confidence and grit. Now, we know that nothing super bad is going to happen if we pop our head inside a cone (think traffic cone sized for us!!!), but dogs don’t.

It is like us asking you to poke your head inside a black hole, for which you have no idea if there will be something inside. Waaaa! Something scary may get you! This is what the cone represents to your dog!

The cone game grows:
  1. Optimism – “It’s novel, but I believe there will be a positive outcome”
  2. Confidence – “I have the skill and ability to try new things”
  3. Grit – “I am determined to try and keep trying”

When you look at the cone game from the perspective of the concepts it grows, it becomes much more than just a silly party trick, right?!

When playing games like the cone game, you are enhancing concepts, this is changing your dog’s personality for the better! These concepts are what your dog needs and utilises in everyday life, come what may, they have the ability to overcome whatever comes their way.

We all want our dogs to be OPTIMISTIC, CONFIDENT AND GRITTY?!

Now, before we end today’s blog, we do want to say that once your dog is triumphantly shoving their head inside a cone, it is time to change the game up. A concept based trainer has got to be creative!

Playing the same old cone game day in day out once your dog has succeeded won’t continue to enhance those vital concepts mentioned above. The game will turn into a simple trick.

So, get creative; line the cone with a paper bag, change the object….you name it there are no rules as to where you can take this game!

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Featured image by Mel Taylor