hearts wide open

Stop, Think & Feel

Here are a few of my observations on how we can truly relax and be comfortable within ourselves.


Stop what you are doing and the way you are doing it. It is so easy to carry on in the same old way. Going around and around in circles, never really happy, always wanting to change.


Think about what you really want to do. Plan what changes you want to make. Be ready and fully committed.


Do you want to feel loved, accepted, and glad to be alive? Then you need to make friends with your own demons. Fear is a natural reaction when we move closer to the truth, we feel fear when faced with the unknown. We need to get to know fear, and become familiar with fear and not run away from it.

Loving Kindness

Our relationship with fear and pain can be difficult and cause discomfort at any stage in our lives. But we can learn not to struggle against the pain. We can learn to accept that we are bound to suffer throughout our lives. For example, at some point in our lives we are bound to be ill, we are definitely going to grow old. And of course, the inevitable is going to happen, our physical body is going to die.

But if we can begin to accept this, and look inside our own hearts rather than outside for loving friendship, it can change our mindset. We find that we are able to settle down with our own lives. Fundamentally, we all have this need of loving kindness to ourselves.

Hearts Wide Open

As humans, we need to feel at home in our own mind and body.  We need to relax within ourself and with ourselves. This is the basis of loving compassion. It is common to disapprove of ourselves, even though we are encouraged to try to make ourselves feel good. How often have you been told to make affirmations to yourself such as: ‘I am smart. I am worthy. I am loved.’  But do you genuinely believe it or are you subconsciously acting through a place of unworthiness?

Compassion & Responsibility

The basis of loving kindness to oneself is the best place to start, combined with taking 100% responsibility for your life. This leads to a simple life of relaxation and joy. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Care for yourself as you would for others. And the real you that is deep inside your heart will come alive… if you simply allow it.

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Featured image by Charlottetn  | CC BY-SA 4.0 | via Wikimedia Commons