Self-Empowering Choices

Happiness is a thin line between reality and expectation. When we are given a number of choices, and we ultimately make our decision, does that make us happy? Or, once we have made our decision, do we then think about the other choices we could have made and worry about whether or not we made the right choice?

Self-Empowering Choices

The more choices we have, the higher our expectations are. But alongside that, the more choices we have, the harder it is to decide. Surely with an abundance of choices, we are bound to make the right decision, right? For many, the more choices we have, the more we tend to become ambivalent or procrastinate.

The best advice I ever received on dealing with ambivalence was to ask myself, “What would be the most self-empowering choice I could make right now…” It is a great question to bring you back into the now and let go of any fear-based doubts or indecision, which tend to cloud our thinking.

My Top 5 Tips:
  1. Focus on the most important things in your life, don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. Feel blessed and content with what you already have
  3. Try not to focus on the negative aspects of your life, look towards the positive elements.
  4. If there is a decision to be made, once you have made it, don’t compare your choice with the alternative choices you could have made
  5. Look forward, not backwards

I hope you find these tips helpful. Read more Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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