releasing your potential

Releasing your potential

Do you want to find ways to release your potential, as well as re-energising your batteries? Do you want to relax and unwind at the same time? Well, look no further, it is all there for you, the only decision you need to take is when and where.

You decide

Does the thought of getting up in the morning when your body clock is ready, eating when you are hungry, and most of all, not having to rush around from one priority to another, inspire you? Think about it – you have all the time in the world. No tight deadlines, no last minute urgent things to do, your time is your own.


You can find whatever music you are looking for on apps such as Spotify, Pandora or Shazam. Sometimes having background music can help reach those places of relaxation a lot quicker.

Moments of Clarity

What is really interesting is when you switch off from your normal routine, you actually get moments of clarity, inspiration and well-being. Sometimes this really does help you to make life-changing decisions. Because you have given yourself more time, your head is not as full with the more mundane everyday things.

Taking time out

Getting away from it all, is a necessity from time to time, rather than a luxury. Even a few days away from your normal routine can be all you need to top up your energy bank. Lock yourself away, somewhere far away from your normal duties and responsibilities. Sleep, rest up, take a good selection of reading matter. Cosy up with a real log fire or wood-burner, close the curtains and just switch off.

The benefits far outweigh anything else. You can choose quietness and solitude, or entertainment and companionship. You can switch on the TV, watch box sets on Netflix, visit the theatre, cinema, or local pub, the list is endless. Or just read, meditate, be still and relax. It doesn’t matter which you choose, as long as it feels right for you.

Bowerland Getaway

A getaway at Bowerland is a perfect retreat for you and your dogs. A getaway from your normal daily routines, fresh air, relaxation, 121 training,  an opportunity to refresh your optimism and spark your imagination… are all perfect ingredients for opening up the doors of possibilities. See our upcoming retreats HERE.

Hope Renewed

You may even find yourself once more full of hope and anticipation for the future, and things to come. You start to look at different aspects of your life, and begin to add up what is really important to you. Give it a go… take some time out of your normal routine and see what happens.

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