Our Stay at Parsley

Parsley Cottage was everything we expected and more

On arriving at Parsley Cottage we were taken back on just how delightful warm and welcoming the cottage was. The amazing smell was the first thing that hit us and upon looking around my husband just went WOW! All the little touches were just perfect from the fresh eggs and biscuits to the welcome card from Devon Dogs. It made me feel quite emotional to read your lovely words.

Super Trainer LIVE

Being at Devon Dogs at the same weekend as STL was just unbelievable and overwhelming (in a good way) to see behind the scenes, go on set, meet Lauren & Tom and have our photos taken.

I have been a member of the Absolute Dogs Training Academy for a few years now, so have had the exposure to the games as well as buying the different badges to add to my dashboard. As awesome as this has been I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of information, knowledge and games at my fingertips. It’s not easy to navigate all the Games and know what ones to play depending on the needs or struggles of your dogs.

The most valuable aspect of the Stay & Train

Having the trainers there to fully explain the games and tweak them to suit the dog in front of them was invaluable. They see the dog’s struggles and suggest an appropriate game to help them. I have gained a huge amount of understanding for some of the basic games for example “Figure of 8” and now appreciate the power of something so simple!

The whole experience was way out my comfort zone and I can’t deny I was a little nervous as well as excited. But our  Trainers, Sam and Billy were so lovely and easy to chat with. They were full of great ideas and games for both of our dogs.

The biggest impact

The light bulb moments and those that have had the biggest impact on us was hearing, “It’s ok to safely leave your dogs in their crates in the car; and “dogs need a lot of sleep during the day, again in covered crates.”  I feel like it’s given us permission to use the crate in a more constructive, positive way. This has made a huge difference to our household – both for the dogs’ and humans’ well-being.😊

The whole atmosphere at Devon Dogs is hugely welcoming, full of positivity and energy. Thank you to everyone for making it such a memorable experience. I take away a huge amount of information to process and implement with the dogs.

Dawn lives in Winchester with her husband and two Jack Russell Terriers – 14 month old Sully and his 5 year old Mum, Ellie. After a Behavet consultation the opportunity presented itself to visit Devon Dogs and stay at Parsley Cottage.