Have you ever wanted to change some aspects of your life?  Are there any areas that you want to make better?  Do you feel you should be enjoying life to the full, yet seem to be stuck carrying out the more mundane dutiful tasks and chores?  I guess we have all experienced this feeling from time to time. But when you experience this feeling, this frustration, what do you do about it?

Changing for the Better

How can you make changes in your life to reflect your wants and desires? Perhaps the best place to start is to pick the right thing to change, the right habit to follow, the right mindset to alter and you will find that progress will be easier. But if you pick the wrong thing to change, you will find it will be more of a struggle. How do you find the right thing to change? There are ways in which you can identify the most important changes for you.

Start by taking some time out and consider the following questions:
  • What is important in your life at this moment that you would like to change?
  • What gets you excited in life?
  • What makes you happy?
Identify the real you

You need to identify what is the real you, the part of you that is creative and playful, the part of you that knows what is most important to you. We all develop social skills throughout life, from our very early days as babies and young children, through to our more mature years. We learn the rules of society and we try to conform so that we fit in with everyone around us. On the whole we are keen to impress others rather than doing what we really want to do.


In order to be motivated to make changes for the better we need to focus on the real self, the person hidden deep inside, the person who we want to become, rather than what we want to achieve or who we want to impress.  A good way to identify the real self is to listen to how your body responds to the goals and targets you want to set yourself. Your body and your instincts do not lie. When your breathing changes, perhaps gets tighter and you find yourself shallow breathing, that is a good indication that this goal is not right for you. Instead, concentrate on the goal that makes you smile and follow this goal instead.

Clear Goals

Your goals need to be clear and not vague or fuzzy.  If there is anything that is holding you back, try to name your fears. And make sure you take time to create your very own project plan that you schedule into your diary.  Make it happen!

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Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay