Making 2022 Work For You!

“If you know what you want – why are you waiting?”
Simon Sarris

Having an amazing year in 2022 is possible – of course it is. But it will take focus, determination and effort. It’s not going to happen by accident, it will be down to the choices we make and the habits we form. To be honest, as we are still at the very beginning of the year, this is the best time of all to set this up, to make this happen. This is the best time to set realistic goals, and get your life in order. Stop procrastinating and take action!

Focus on routines 

This week I’m going to be focussing on routines and putting into practice, regular practice, steps to help set good habits. Good habits can teach you how to slow down, and how to take a deep breath, and how to create the life that’s right for you. So for 2022 have a think about any habits you have set in place, any routines that you already have, are there any you need to  increase?  Or, are there any habits that no longer work for you? Now is a good time to shake it all up.

Routines to review and improve

  • Exercise – I want to create a routine to ensure that I take the exercise I need each week.  For me that may be a swim/sauna session twice a week; perhaps a yoga and/or breathwork class twice a week.  I will continue with my morning wake up exercise routine (check out Dr Chatterjee – perform four quick exercises in just four minutes to work your entire body); as well as daily walks in the morning light
  • Diet – Something that is always on my mind but I’ve not quite cracked it yet. I am going to set up a weekly meal planner to help me to eat more healthily.  This will include all the healthy ingredients I’ve learnt about, and some ideas on what to eat each day.  By setting a routine to prepare for my week on a Sunday evening, will help me to plan and prepare for the week ahead
  • Relaxation – Being on holiday has helped me to slow down, and move into a different gear. So for starters I am going to plan in proper breaks, take time out, take days off, meet up with friends, book in massage appointments and spa days.  And I am going to be pursuing hobbies and interests that have been in my thoughts lately.  In order for all these things to actually happen, I need to put them in the diary, I need to commit.
  • Sleep – We need to prepare a routine for sleep.  Start by winding down for the day, set the scene for a cosy soothing bedtime space. Think about what calms you down, is it a meditation, or an aromatherapy diffuser?  A warm bath, a warm bed, a cup of warm milk? Relax your body and take slow deep breaths. After a good night’s sleep we are able to face the next day with energy and enthusiasm
  • Journalling – A fantastic form of self care by writing about your thoughts, and feelings. Ideally this needs to be a daily habit, but if you find barriers get in the way, try to journal when you get the urge, or if you have had a particularly hard day. You may find it helps you to keep calm and balanced as you explore your emotions rather than suppressing them. The value of journalling is the actual writing down, the actual reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

But don’t forget…

Habits need to be revised from time to time. It’s always good to reflect on what works for you, and what you can let go of. And map out your time, don’t overload yourself.  Perhaps divide the time up into monthly, weekly, daily slots and make sure you focus on setting up one thing at a time. One great routine, one helpful habit.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay