kindness - noticing smiles

Kindness and Care

Our brain is made up of genes that have evolved throughout the generations. We are born, we live, we die. Only by helping each other can we survive. Over the years we have become more materialistic, more riddled with problems. We are surrounded by territorial, status and sexual issues. Levels of depression and mental health problems are growing year by year and we seem powerless to stop this epidemic.

Epigenetic environment

Feeling shameful about ourselves is another big block that gets in the way. We need to reduce this feeling of shame in ourselves and make a commitment to release more positivity. We are to some degree socially created by our environment, the epigenetic factor. If you think about it, we are only one version of ourselves. If we had been brought up in a different situation, we might be different people. So, what would happen if we woke up, took control of our minds and chose to create a different reality?

Kindness makes a huge difference

Compassion is a way to organise the mind and also the world. Humans actually love to do things together and help each other and kindness calms any situation down, even something threatening. The world would be a better place if we were all kinder to each other.

Nurture yourself, look after yourself and treat yourself with compassion

Be more mindful, think more positive thoughts. Keep the negative thoughts at bay. Like weeds in a garden, they will grow if you let them. Notice other people’s smiles. Treat them, and yourselves with understanding and above all, BE KIND. It works like magic, particularly in times of difficulty.

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Featured image by Lloyd Langman