heddon's mouth

Killington to Heddons Mouth

This week’s Wednesday Walk is an easier route from Killington to Heddon’s Mouth. At 2 miles in length this walk will take you through a variety of different terrain such as woodlands, paths and a beach. You’ll even be able to stop a dog-friendly pub at the end!

Hunter’s Inn

To begin, head to the Hunter’s Inn near Killington in North Devon. Once you are parked, head up the path to the right side of the pub. After a short distance it will fork – take the left path which goes back downhill. You’ll pass through some lovely scenery on this section of the route – be sure to take it all in as you walk along! Heddon Valley is home to a variety of wildlife including otters and the rare high brown fritillary butterfly.

The Exmoor Coastline

As you continue down you will pass two bridges on your left – ignore these and keep heading alongside the river towards the sea. Eventually you will reach the beach. Take some time to explore the Exmoor coastline here if desired, as it’s a site with loads of interesting history, such as being a common place used by smugglers.

The Return

When you’re ready to leave cross over the beach and head up the path leading upstream. Continue alongside the river, again ignoring the first bridge you see on your left. Ignore the next path on the right hand side, which leads you to Heddon’s Mouth Cleave.

Keep following the curve of the river and you will eventually reach a road – turn left and you will be guided back to the pub at the start of the road. Celebrate your successful walk with a well-earned drink or meal.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful walk. Read more of our Wednesday Walks HERE. And see Devon Dog’s Calendar of Events HERE.

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Featured image by Martin Bodman | CC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons