kefir smoothies

Kefir Smoothies

We’ve talked previously about the benefits of Kefir and how probiotics supporting a healthy digestive system and immunity. However, if you are anything like me, I have found that the taste of Kefir is not quite palatable.

Here’s my solution

Each day I turn my Kefir into a smoothie. It is important to note that it may not be beneficial to buy sweetened or flavoured kefir, as this will kill off the good probiotics, ultimately doing more harm than good. So instead, if you want to sweeten your kefir at home, you can blend it with a variety of fruits, which will not harm the probiotics.

Kefir is easy to make. If you want to see my full method, read last week’s blog. In a nutshell, start with culture and add to it each day.

  1. Make sure you strain off your culture and start again each day with fresh milk.
  2. Keep your culture in a sealed jar, I usually keep mine on my kitchen windowsill.
  3. Use your strained milk to make your Kefir smoothie.

Day 1: Mango – I used a very ripe mango, with a hand blender to the strained kefir milk.  I found this absolutely delicious and my favourite to date.

Day 2: Pear – Peeled and de-pipped, same method with hand blender. This was a very delicate flavour, but also very tasty.

Day 3: Banana – I used some overripe bananas, same method as before . A lovely creamy texture and a definite banana flavour.

Day 4: Berries (raspberry, blueberry etc). Lovely colour.  I added a small teaspoon of honey to give it a little more taste.

Day 5: Stewed Apple – I have a lot of frozen apple due to our bumper harvest. This smoothie was very delicate, so once again I added a small teaspoon of honey. Ginger also tastes good with apple and maybe some rhubarb if you have it.

Day 6: Cherry Berry – I use a mixture of frozen cherries and fresh blueberries, which turns into a wonderful colour and a rich cherry flavour.

Day 7: Peaches with Ginger – Fresh peaches are best, but I use tinned peaches if they are out of season. Add a touch of fresh grated ginger. This is a lovely combination.


I can’t wait to experiment with more different fruits. Frozen fruits are easy to buy if you don’t have your own trees. I am also considering planting plum and pear trees. 🙂

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Featured image by Nature Zen on Unsplash