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Indoor Fun and Games

It’s always handy to have some indoor games in case the weather turns mucky. These are great games to play with your dogs to exercise their bodies and minds indoors!

Hide and Seek

Ask a family member to restrain your dog and go and hide somewhere in the house. Once you have hidden yourself, call your dog and wait for them to find you! Start off easy and then move to more trickier locations once your dog has got the idea of the game.

Find the treat

Pop your dog in another room, while you hide a yummy treat ensuring that you start the game off with an easy location, you can always make it harder if they find the treat quickly! Once the treat is in it’s hiding place, let your dog into the room and cue them to find it!

Free Shaping

We love shaping, this is where you reward incremental steps towards the finished behaviour. Shaping is an excellent way to mentally stimulate your dog, they will find it tiring! We love to use objects for shaping for our dogs to interact with. Can they get in, get on, go over and go through different objects.

Ping Pong Recalls

This a fantastic way to boost your recall training in the house! Between you and a family member call your dog, when they get to you reward, then it your family member’s turn to call your dog! Start in the same room to begin with and then, like the hide and seek game, move to different locations around the house so that your dog ping pongs between you and your family member.

Indoor Obstacle Course

A great one for body awareness and proprioception. Using cushions, pillows, stalls boxes, you name it, create an obstacle course for your dog to walk across. The slower they walk across the obstacle course the better so use food to reward your dog as they are negotiating their way across!

Enjoy these games and post pictures and videos! We’d love to see how you get on! Check out more of our Thursday Training Tips HERE. And see our Events calendar HERE.

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Featured Image by Kelly Murrell