healthy living

Healthy Living

What helps us to build a strong and healthy self? There are some basic aspects of our lives we can easily change. I am starting with two of the most fundamental elements of daily life.


Getting a good night’s sleep provides you with a good start to the day. This is probably one of the most important, yet basic, aspects of your health, and it is something you can help to control. The alternative, not having a good night’s sleep, can affect your immune system, make you tired and lethargic, as well as effect your happiness and well being.

  • Prepare yourself by getting into the right mood for sleep, ie calm and peaceful.
  • Develop a routine, for example try to go to bed at a similar time every night.
  • Make sure your room is warm, but not too warm (or cool if you live in a hot climate – a ceiling fan can really help)
  • Do not take your mobile, laptop, or watch TV in bed.
  • If you can’t fall asleep, or wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, go to another room and meditate or read for 20/30 minutes. Then go back to bed.
Mindful Eating

We tend to overeat if we are doing something else while we eat. We often read, watch TV, or talk to friends at the same time. We can shovel down our food much too quickly, or the alternative, we pick at our food, not really savouring each morsel. Here are my tips:

  • Make meal times an occasion.
  • Sit down at a table and focus entirely on the food you are eating.
  • Do not get distracted from your food.
  • Cut down on processed food, cut out the sugar in your diet.
  • Get back to a diet full of wholesome quality food rather than processed or fast food.
  • Processed food has lost most of its nutrients and goodness.
  • Try to shop for locally produced food. It is a great feeling to buy your provisions from your local butcher, baker and grocer (if you are lucky to have them nearby).
  • Drink plenty of water during the day… make that your mission!

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