Happiness & Joy

Happiness and joy are skills to work at, like any other skill.  I believe that feeling a strong sense of happiness and joyfulness can be firmly linked and supported by enjoying a good lifestyle.  It is all about making the right choices, which for me come under these headings:

  • Nourishment – food, drink, etc
  • Movement (exercise, being out and about, etc
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Connection to Others – enjoying a feeling of community
Happiness and Joy are closely linked to Health and Well Being

On the other hand, there is a strong correlation between unhappiness and bad/poor health choices. If we feel happy and in control of our lifestyle choices, we tend to be more healthy and the opposite also exists. Worry and stress lead to depression and disease. It’s about balance, and having the right balance in life. Perhaps now would be a good time to dig deep and decide what is out of balance in your life. Perhaps now is a good time to choose ways in which you can bring in more balance to your life that suits you.

It will of course involve making changes to bring things back into balance. And in a strange sort of way, most of us tend to put the happiness of others first, and do what we think we ought to do to make everyone else happy, rather than what we really want to do for ourselves. To get the right balance means just having enough – not too much and not too little. But you always have a choice… it is up to you to decide.

Time Management

A big area of imbalance is our relationship with time and time management. It all sounds quite easy to sort out, why is it then that often we can’t seem to find the right balance to make ourselves happy & healthy?  Now is the time to reflect on what is in or out of balance in your life. Take the time to write down what physical, mental and emotional things make up your life and take up your time. Then give some thought on whether each individual point is necessary, or makes you happy, or gives you balance. There may be some things you can change, or even stop doing.

Baby Steps

When making any changes, make sure you take small steps and start with thinking about building inner happiness. Aim to create a sense of resilience, and develop a barrier from the day to day stressors that tend to give us friction and end up being a burden to us.

I would be interested to hear how you get on, what changes you make in order to become more balanced, and how you go about creating more happiness and joy in your life.

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Featured image by Annalise Art from Pixabay