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Great Journal Prompts

Journalling for Self Care

When we look at ways to look after ourselves, one of the greatest habits we can get into is to regularly take time out to enjoy a quiet mind. If we can find a few minutes to let everything go, to ‘park’ it all somewhere, and enjoy the peace and quiet, it will be so very beneficial to our health and well being. There are many ways we can do this, for example, to use meditation techniques, to absorb yourself in a good book, or to listen to uplifting or soothing music. But another good idea is to simply write it all down. To open up a new page in your journal and let it all out. Write down simply everything that is on your mind, don’t leave anything out, until there is nothing left to write about.

Writing out your thoughts on paper requires you to dig much deeper, and to reach right down to examine and process what is happening in your life. It is much more than just thinking, it helps us all to slow down, to keep calm, and put life into perspective.

Where to start

However, we all have to start somewhere, and one of the biggest obstacles with journaling, is not knowing where to start. Here are my Journal prompts to help you to get started:

  • How do I feel right now? Start writing, without stopping or correcting, just write exactly how you are feeling in this specific moment in time.
  • Practice Gratitude – think of 3 good things that have happened to you recently.
  • Setting boundaries for yourself, for example, I don’t like ….. or I want …….
  • Choose a word – hope, appreciation, anger, gratitude, etc and write nonstop on whatever comes into your mind.
  • Explore your emotions. I am feel disappointed because…….. or I am so happy that ………
  • Value your whole self – what could I do today for me.
Kickstart your creative juices

There are many more journal prompts we can explore, but these should help you to get started. Choose the ones that open your mind, the ones that kickstart your creative juices. The time of day that you choose to do your daily journaling is also important.  Some people like to start their day with a relaxing ritual such as morning journaling. This is the practice of writing in a journal every morning before you start your day. Julia Cameron talks about ‘morning pages’ in The Artist’s Way. She suggests three pages of handwriting every morning and writing about absolutely anything, just whatever comes into your mind.

Many others believe that journaling before bed stops you from feeling distracted, helps to alleviate your worries and overthinking of problems and issues, and helps you to fall asleep faster. Whatever time of day you choose, the hardest step of all is to just simply get going. It’s no point just thinking about it, you need to actually make a start, make it happen.

Stay & Train

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We would love to hear about your journal writing. Tell us how you got started, what prompts you use, and how this habit has changed your life. Read more of my Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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