Fernworthy Stone Circle

Fernworthy Stone Circle

This lovely 3-mile walk has been constructed following the route of Potter’s Walk. Alternatively, if you drive beyond the main car park, you will come to a grassy area used for parking. From here you can access a bird hide, which is suitable for wheelchairs and built to standards set by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The hide provides great views over a protected area of the reservoir. 

Stone Circle

After leaving the car park, once you start the walk you will enjoy great views over prehistoric hut circles, the magnificent dam and the reservoir itself. You will also be able to see the Fernworthy Stone Circle with a Bronze Age circle of 27 granite slabs standing on a cleared plateau of land.

Along the way you will find splendid views of Thornworthy Tor and the South Teign River at the eastern end of the reservoir. There are benches, resting posts and perches provided for you so that you can stop and enjoy these views. You will also find a picnic area overlooking the reservoir, a great place to stop and spend some time. There is a lovely picturesque waterside path which will take you around the reservoir. And at this point you have the option of extending your walk into the adjacent Fernworthy Forest.

Fernworthy Forest

This is well worth it if you have the time as there are miles of delightful woodland trails. This is a really pretty area with lots of different birdlife and wildlife to spot as you look out on the tranquil waters of the reservoir. If you are lucky you will also see some Dartmoor ponies around by the water, especially during the summer months.

There are good facilities with toilets, a catering van and parking on the south side of the reservoir, but this facility is closed during the colder winter months. If you’d like to continue your walk, you could also try out the Two Moors Way that runs through the area. The reservoir is signposted from Chagford.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful walk. Read more of our Wednesday Walks HERE. And see Devon Dog’s Calendar of Events HERE.

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Featured image by shrdlu  | CC BY 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons