Countisbury, North Devon

This week’s Wednesday Walk takes us to the hamlet of Countisbury, on the beautiful North Devon coastline. The walk will take you along the bottom of a deep Devon combe, as well as lots of woodland. It should take between 1.5 hours to 2 hours to complete. Approx 1.5 hour drive from Bowerland


To begin, head to the National Trust car park at Countisbury. Once you’ve parked up and are ready to go, turn right onto the main road and head down the hill in the direction of Lynmouth (with an inn on your left).

As you reach the end of a row of cottages, cross the road and take the path signposted ‘National Trust Centenary.’ Follow this as it heads through a metal gate, across a field and through a wooden gate. Turn right at the signpost pointing to Lynmouth 2 miles away, and stick on the path as it skirts around a small dew pond.


Approximately 100 metres along the path take the grassy path to the left, which will take you around the edge of Chiselcombe. Go through the wooden gate. As you walk along, you’ll see a large area of oak trees on your left and a dry stone ditch on your right. Keep going along the path as the woodlands open out.

At the next signpost take the fork to the left. Follow this as it winds its way down the side of the valley to the river. Along the way look for a signpost on your right that is hard to miss – when you see it, turn sharp left onto the path listed as ‘Watersmeet-Rockford’. When the path forks take the left version..

At the next junction turn left. After a short climb head through the wooden gate and up the grassy trail as it climbs up the valley. When you reach the top turn right and follow the path through a gate and down some steps, which takes you into another area of woodland. At the next junction turn left.


Follow the grassy path through some gorse into a field. At the top right of the field you’ll see a signpost for Countisbury. Head through the gate and go along the green track back towards Countisbury. When you reach the main road, turn left and complete the final short distance back to the car park you started from.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful walk. Read more of our Wednesday Walks HERE. And see Devon Dog’s Calendar of Events HERE.

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Featured image by Ruth SharvilleCC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons