Circular Walk near Meldon

This circular walk will take you from Meldon Car Park across the moor towards a nature reserve, including a route around Meldon Reservoir. The walk itself should take you about an hour and a half, and is about 6km in length. This walk is very close to us at Bowerland Holiday Cottages and Devon Dogs.

Start at Meldon Car Park

Go up some stairs to reach the road and take the footpath opposite heading uphill. As you climb you’ll notice some incredible scenery to your left. Once you reach the tree line head right on a path parallel to a stone wall. You’ll follow this path for a while as it takes you down the side of the hill and back into the open. Once you’ve reached this point head towards another stone wall opposite you and bear left towards the gate.

Heading towards the distant Sourton Tors

Keep following the grassy track. On your left you will see Corn Ridge, where an American plane from WWII crashed in 1943 on its way to Dunkeswell (you can still see some wreckage there).

As you reach the open moors, carry on following the stone wall on your left. When the path in front of you forks, take the left fork which heads downhill. Follow this all the way down to a stream, which you’ll be able to cross. On the other side of the stream there is another path that takes you around the hill and over a second stream.

Meldon Reservoir

Head down to your left, where you’ll see the West Okement River heading towards Meldon Reservoir in front of you. Eventually you’ll see the power house at the weir, which is where you’ll need to cross the river (as the river is nice and deep here, this is also a a great spot for wild swimming!) On the other side of the river head straight to a track and turn left towards the reservoir.

The final part of this walk is a simple path beside the reservoir which takes you back to Meldon car parkĀ (crossing a dam in the process) and completes the route.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful walk. Read more of our Wednesday Walks HERE. And see Devon Dog’s Calendar of Events HERE.

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Featured image by Jo Southway