Circular Walk around Brentor

This is a moderate 3.5 mile dog friendly walk, but initially is fairly strenuous as you walk up towards Brentor. Please be aware there are livestock in some places. Driving directions from Bowerland (Map)

Park up at the war memorial in North Brentor

Within a short while turn left down Darke Lane. This leads onto a track towards South Brentor. After 100m beyond the houses, the track reaches a group of gates. Don’t go through them, but turn left instead and carry on the track.

After 100m there is a finger post pointing through a gate towards South Brentor. Enter the field and keep ahead alongside the right hand boundary. You will reach the gate on the opposite side. At the end of the first field go through the gateway and then go slightly left across the next field towards a gap. There is a kissing gate next to it.  Beyond the gate walk across the field in the same line as before. You will pass a telegraph pole on your left.  And eventually reach another older kissing gate on the far side.

At the finger post sign follow the line that directs you slightly to the right. You will go uphill and to the far corner. You should just about be able to see Brentor church in the far distance. You will see a tall stile and a gate. Follow the sign for path, bearing slightly right. You will see a small, yellow arrowed post. At this point follow the narrow path up onto the small mound where you will pass a pond on your right.

The path will come out into a field where you will see another post directing you to a gate. Follow this until you reach the gate and then go straight ahead along the track. Follow this track and you will see Brentor quite clearly. Turn left at this track and follow it along as it bends about between hedges towards the open moor.  After about 500 m the path crosses the two sections of Wortha Mill Bridge. You will also see the old railway line between Lydford and Plymouth.

Continue on this track as it climbs up and bends left near a large white house called Blacknor Park. The track will improve at this point and the views of Brentor Church  and the moorland are stunning. You will join a road near a salt grit box and keep on straight ahead in an uphill direction. You can spot the valley of the River Burn down to your right, called Smallacombe Bottom.

View towards Brentor

The road will widen and then narrow again and you will go pass a bench on your right, perhaps a good spot to catch your breath and admire the views?  When you have rested, after about half a mile and before you come to any houses, look out for a post to your left.  This post is beside the road that has a blue bridleway arrow on the far side.  Take the bridleway going left back on yourself. Head up onto the open moorland with the road down to your left.  The outskirts of Mary Tavy is behind you.  The view towards Brentor is ahead of you and to your left.

Various Pathways

Keep ahead on this path and it will level out. The church tower in North Brentor is straight ahead. Brentor is up to the left. This track will be a little stony in places, but keep on it until it meets the road at Wortha Farm. Turn right along the road and walk on the left hand verge beside some magnificent beech trees.

The Return

Ignore a turning right but cross the cattle grid ahead instead. This road leads past the old station on the edge of North Brentor.  The old station has now been turned into an attractive home. Follow the road as it bends to the left and you will shortly pass Christ Church and reach the war memorial in North Brentor. Back where you started.

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Church of St Michael de Rupe by Andrew HackneyCC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia