Cherish your home at christmas

Your Home at Christmas

This week I am going to talk about cherishing your personal space at Christmas and letting go of things you don’t need… with gratitude. If you haven’t checked out Marie Kondo’s great book – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, make sure you do. It would make a great Christmas gift.

What fills you with joy?

Before you start, it is helpful to look closely at your ‘mess.’ What is it? What does it say about you?  It is interesting that once you really stop to look at the things you surround yourself with, there are many items that you realise that you don’t actually like! Instead, think about what items bring light to your life, and fill you with joy?

Hold each item

Pick up each item and hold in your hand, what are the feelings you get from the item? Is it happiness, is it joy, or rather the opposite? Does it make you feel flat, is there a nothingness?  Your gut feeling, your gut reaction is a good indication of what to keep. Make it your goal to live in a space that contains only things that bring you a feeling of happiness. Only items that give a brightness to your life. That is your answer, that is what you are aiming for, surely?

A serene home – full of joy and good health

I firmly believe that this wonderful serene home, full of joy, helps towards achieving the lifestyle we all want for ourselves, what we have all been craving for – do you? You can help to achieve this by keeping only the things that speak to you. There is an order that Marie suggests will make it easier to put this into practice.

  1. Start with your clothes
  2. Then go onto your books
  3. Look at all your paperwork
  4. Any other bits and pieces
  5. Finally look at any sentimental items

Make sure you deal with your own stuff first, not the things that belong to your partner, or whoever you share your home with. Don’t try to tidy other members of your family. It is not right for you to discard their items, even if you know they haven’t used them for ages. It is so tempting to sort out other people’s clutter, and much easier than sorting out our own. But by simply sorting out your own space, this will have a knock-on effect on them. Untidy communal areas can be frustrating, but that is something to tackle further down the line, when you have had more practice!

Letting Go with Gratitude

After you finish the process, you need to end up with the things in life that make you feel happy, that you truly treasure.  And if you come across something that doesn\’t bring you a feeling of happiness, but you cannot throw it away, think about its true purpose in your life. Acknowledge the contribution you have gained from the possession, and let it go with gratitude.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Read more Monday Motivation blogs HERE. And  have a Happy Winter Solstice. 💗

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Photo by Frauke Riether from Pixabay