Agility Show Tips

We’ll be sharing 5 tips with you this week and 5 next week!

1. Warm up and cool down properly

Warming you and your dog up properly before you run is essential. Without an adequate warm up you run the risk of injury. Plan your warm up and take note so that you don’t miss anything out. Don’t forget that for your dog you need to warm them up physically and mentally. So you have completed your run, now is the time to cool you and your dog down. We just love loose lead walking for this (as it cools us and the dog down at the same time) and some stretching.

2. Help on the rings

A brilliant tip for a newbie competitor is to offer your help as a volunteer at the Agility Show, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. There is no better way to learn all there is to know about agility than to volunteer on a ring. 

3. Fuel for your dog

We most definitely give our dog’s breakfast before a show, however it is essential that you have given them enough time to digest it properly before they compete. During the lunch break, give something nice for your dog to snack on.

4. Fuel for you

Yes, the lure of the burger van is ever so tempting, we get it. To keep your body adequately fuelled and ready to go, choose something that will give you lasting energy. The post lunch slump is all too common! We are not the food police and don’t want to spoil your fun! To be at your physical best you need to fuel your body properly. So save the chip butty or piece of cake for the end of the day!

5. Think about your A-B from vehicle to start-line

When you reach the start line are you and your dog connected, are they with you? Your warm routine is all part and parcel in getting your dog physically and mentally prepared but you also need to consider the bit in between walking to the ring, queuing and then reaching the start line. We play lots of games with our dogs to keep them connected and motivated.

Check back next week for more success at an agility show tips. Check out more Tuesday Dog Treats recipes HERE, and see our Training Events Schedule HERE.

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