staycation games

Staycation Games

Do you own a suitcase but never actually use it for its intended purpose? Is ‘holiday’ a word that is discussed in your house but never acted upon?!? That suitcase is probably feeling very unloved right now!


Well, we have a solution that will leave your suitcase feeling part of the family once more! So, grab that suitcase, dust off the cobwebs and have fun playing these games with your dog:

  1. Get in it!
  2. Flip the lid with your nose!
  3. Behaviours / tricks while in it!
  4. Go around it!
  5. Get on it with all 4 paws!
  6. Two paws on!
  7. Two paws on and push it along!
  8. Behaviours / tricks next to it!

Suitcases are extremely versatile training tools! Enjoy!

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Featured image by Mel Taylor