self responsibility

Self Responsibility

At certain times in your life you come up against a milestone, a particular point in time.  Sometimes you may not be looking forward to this milestone event. For example it could be a special birthday you are dreading or the end of a particular era.


But this milestone can be a great time to explore, to take stock of your path, of your journey in life so far. It is a great opportunity to relook at your life. You can let go of anything you are not happy with, once you have identified what it is!

Self Responsibility

This is a time to take responsibility for yourself – make your own future happen for you. Don’t blame circumstances, or other people if things aren\’t going the way you want them to. It is, after all, down to you, and you alone. You have come through those times, just don’t get lost in them. Test the waters, come through it, and get ready for the next chapter in your life.

Everything passes

Turn an end into a beginning. Life is a fleeting and fragile thing, not to be taken for granted! Drive forward the values you hold dear, and work towards your goals, living each day to the full. The storm will always pass, everything will come to an end, both good times and bad times. A great way to start to change is to be kind to yourself first and foremost. There is a magic in kindness. Put it into practice and start with yourself…

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