Princetown Railway Track

Princetown Old Railway Track

The Princetown Old Railway Track is a really easy walk of approximately 5 miles.

The Princetown Railway was a 10¼ mile single track branch railway line in Devon, England, that ran from Yelverton on the Plymouth to Tavistock line, to Princetown via four intermediate stations, Dousland, Burrator and Sheepstor Halt, Ingra Tor Halt and King Tor Halt. The line closed in 1956 and today forms part of a popular cycling and walking route. ~ Wikipedia

Park up in the main car park at Princetown

Turn left at the entrance and then past the old fire station, you will see a sign to the left. You will follow a narrow path, alongside a small field. Shortly afterwards you will come out onto the track, leading to the right. You will see some beautiful scenery and views of the Common.

Boundary Stone PCWW 1917

Follow along this track for about a mile, and you will see a boundary stone PCWW 1917. This is an old marker for Burrator Reservoir. You will then see a track crossing the path, go past this and shortly afterwards there is a path on your left which will take you to Swelltor Quarry. This path will split into two. Make sure you take the left hand path for an easier route which will take you to an old ruin of a stone house which once belonged to a blacksmith. Further along this path there are some large cut stones which are corbels carved for the Old London Bridge.

Kings Tor & Merrivale

Go past these, and you will see some remains of the old railway, some old wooden sleepers.  The track then continues and you will see King’s Tor on your right. The path circles back the other side. The views to your left are of Merrivale.

After about half a mile you come back to the point in the path where you branched off for Swelltor Quarry. Go past this point and on your left is a wide track which will take you to Foggintor Quarry. If you want an easier walk, keep going on the railway line back to Princetown.

Foggintor Quarry

But if you continue on the quarry track, you will reach some ruined buildings. You can go into the quarry to explore if you wish, or else take the small path on the left up the bank which will take you up the left side of the quarry.  Make sure you take time out to enjoy the wonderful views.

Treat Yourself

When you reach the top of the hill you will spot a path that will take you back to the railway track.  Follow this track back to the car park where you will be able to enjoy a welcome hot drink and perhaps treat yourself to a piece of cake.

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Featured image Derek Harper | CC BY-SA 2.0 | via Wikimedia Commons