mix it up

Mix it Up

1. Mix up on and off lead

Mix on and off lead walks. Remember, being off-lead is a privilege for your dog and sometimes within an off-lead walk, pop your dog on-lead for some of it to truly mix it up. This is so your dog doesn’t predict that the lead only comes out and goes on when the fun is over!

2. Visit lots of different locations

If every time you step outside of your house and only ever visit one place, wouldn’t that be truly boring? The same goes for your dog. Vary where you take your dog on a walk, visit and explore lots of locations to keep it interesting. Keep things unpredictable, as unpredictability is fun for your dog! My general rule of thumb is to never visit the same place more than twice in a week.

3.  Avoid stressful walking spots 

If you have visited a particular location and you’ve not had a great experience; perhaps there were too many dogs, perhaps your dog wasn’t too keen on the rambunctious nature of the other dogs. Rather than go there and get annoyed; avoid! Or go at times when you know it’ll be less busy.

4.  Give your dog a break

Contrary to popular belief, your dog doesn’t need a walk every single day of the week. So long as you are mentally stimulating your dog or doing some conditioning work and/or training, a walk every day isn’t necessary. My dogs all lead busy lives training, competing, as well as individual exercise and fitness plans. So they all NEED a rest day each week. This is good for their heads and their bodies.

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