Exercise, Movement & Metabolism

Following on from my healthy living plan, one of the most important aspects is making sure that we take time out to exercise. Most people know that exercising helps our bodies to remain fit, but it is really important for our mental health as well.

Let’s keep moving, keep active and be happy!

Exercising our body allows the brain to release chemicals that make us feel good. The same chemicals that are created in anti-depressants. And we don’t have to put yourself through strenuous work-outs every day in order to achieve this. Studies show that moderate exercise, up to five times a week for just 30 minutes, will greatly improve our health.

Moderate exercise

This can be walking your dog at a good steady pace, with some hill work involved; or walking instead of driving or catching a bus. Of dancing, any type of dancing is fab; or any kind of sport, such as badminton, tennis, swimming or an exercise class.

Be consistent

Keep to a regular routine, making sure you give yourself time to achieve your 30 minutes of exercise. Make it a priority, don’t skip it. You will feel better for it. Just the fact you are moving around, and keeping up a good steady blood flow around your body, will really help your metabolism.


Metabolism describes all of the chemical processes that are contained in your body to keep you functioning normally. Whilst it is claimed that some foods and drinks can boost your metabolism such as green tea, spices and certain energy drinks, there is no guaranteed proof of this. Generally, the more active you are, the more calories you burn.

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