boundary games

Boundary Games

We would all like our dogs to be happy relaxing on their bed and actually it’s really useful for them to have a place to settle if things get a bit hectic, especially around the holidays. Boundary games should be an important focus as it contributes to a happy and harmonious household. So if you’d like your dog to learn that his bed is a good place to be, there’s no time like the present to start!

Reward what you want to see

In order to do this, you need to reward what you want to see. So, if your dog offers to climb on to their bed, reward them. If your dog lies down on their bed, reward them. When your dog is on their bed, try giving them a tasty chew or a filled Kong to keep them busy. Over time, your dog will build a really positive association with their bed, and eventually they will choose this as their default position!

Multi Dog Household

If you have multiple dogs in your household – do they have their own beds? Having separate boundaries for each of your dogs is a great way of promoting calmness in the house when it can get a little busy! It also means that your dogs can get on with their chews or Kongs or simply relax in peace and not be bothered by your other dog(s)!

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Featured image by Lauren Langman at Crufts 2022