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Boosting our Energy

How are your energy levels these days? Do you find that your life is hectic. Busy, busy, busy each and every day? Do you have plans to prepare and work on, task lists to sort out, action notes to undertake and more. For some of us it seems to go on and on – relentless and never ending.

I find in my life that there is always so much to do and all of it seems to be within a very tight timescale. The pressure is on. But no matter how busy our lives are, it is crucial to make time for our body mind and soul, as well as each other.

Ask yourself:
  1. What gives you energy?
  2. What helps you to keep life in perspective a
  3. How do keep your heart in appreciation and gratitude?
Physical Movement

Do anything that is active – perhaps a sport or exercise that suits you and your lifestyle. For example one of the first things that spring to my mind is something very simple. What about just going for a walk?  If you can manage an hour’s walk every day, especially in the morning, you will find that it is a great way to wake up to your new day, your new beginning as every day is really an opportunity for a new beginning. And while you’re out walking, time some time to appreciate nature, plants, animals, people… and all of life.

Early Morning Walks

Years ago, when we lived in Plymouth full time, I would be up and out of the house by just after 6.30 am from Mondays through to Fridays, taking my collie, Bella, with me. I met up with a friend and her dogs most days and we enjoyed a brisk walk whilst our dogs had a good run. So looking back on those times when I think about it, I achieved a number of things with just one simple task… walking. I achieved getting out and about and exercising. I appreciated being in the fresh air and sunlight. I benefited from great social interaction and my dog enjoyed a lovely long walk.

Moving your body means more energy

Even if an hour’s walk is too much to manage, walking for just 20 minutes a day can help to work off the calories you consume. Even a little movement makes a lot of difference. It helps to keep your joints healthy and fluid, whilst boosting your heart rate. There is so much to gain from such a simple exercise.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Read more Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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Photo by Matt Rouse