bolt head

Bolt Head Walk

This week’s walk is an easy 4.5 miles that will take you along the dramatic coastline from Salcombe through Soar Mill Cove to the jagged rocks at Bolt Head. In total the walk should take you between 2 and 3 hours to complete. (Map from Bowerland.)

  • To begin, head to East Soar car park which is just past Soar hamlet.
  • Head down the lane opposite a brick building before turning right and heading through a gateway towards Middle Soar.
  • Stay on this track as it takes you past the buildings of Middle Soar and towards the warren wall.
  • Head through the gate which will take you onto some cliffs. Once here, turn left at the signpost (signed for Bolt Head).
  • Keep going along the coast path as it guides you through some gates and along the lower path.
  • Head through the next gate which will bring you out at Bolt Head.
  • Make sure you take in the view of the dramatic jagged rocks, with Dodman Point visible in the west and Prawle Point to the east.
  • Stay on the coast path as it takes you to Salcombe, around the headland and down a slope towards Starehole Bay where you can stop for a break if you’d like.
  • Return to the coast path when you are ready to continue.
  • Back on the coast path, cross the bridge and head through the gate.
  • Stay on this path and you will be guided towards the crags of Sharp Tor.
  • Keep following the path along the cliffs and into Fir Wood.
  • When you reach the road, turn left uphill towards Overbecks, and then take the path on your right into Tor Woods.
  • Stay on this path as it brings you uphill, before climbing the steps that take you out of the woods.
  • Follow the next path that takes you across some fields and through a gate, before turning right.
  • Go through another gate and follow the edge of the field until you are brought to a track.
  • Go through a gate and turn right, then cross two fields.
  • Turn right at the next track and follow the path back to the car park you started from.
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Photo by Nilfanion | CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL | via Wikimedia Commons