Ash & Oyster’s Stay & Train

We travelled from Blackpool, Lancashire down to Devon Dogs for 15 hours of 1-2-1 training with my boys Ash and Oyster. It was a mix of training and exploring some Devon.

Dartmoor Inn

We arrived and was welcomed then shown the cottage. It had everything we needed for our short stay plus some gifts!  A bottle of alcohol-free elderflower champagne, shortbread biscuits and a jar of homemade marmalade. The cottage was cosy and the dogs really enjoyed the underfloor heating!  It was lovely to be surrounded by nature and to awaken in the morning to bird song.

Exploring Local Interests

The weather was very kind to us as we explored Fernworthy Forest stone. There are many Neolithic structures close by – something of a hobby of mine, and they make a great feature for a walk. Devon is famed for its food and a trip to Strawberry Fields Farm shop and Restaurant ensured our cupboards were full of tasty foods. Not that you have to venture too far – Okehampton is very close and has some lovely shops.

Peak Stay & Train

The following few days Ash and Oyster engaged in their training and me too!  I completed my Pro Dog Trainer about a year ago.  It was amazing fun to put my skills to the test and to work with the amazing trainers they have at Devon Dogs.  My two can be a handful especially around other dogs, but with expert help we found ways to train in different environments – at their amazing training centre, the cottage and a trip to Meldon Reservoir.

Naughty But Nice

Training in the real world has worked wonders. The Devon Dog trainers are experts working with reactive dogs, which doesn’t always sound good. But at Devon Dogs they are called Naughty but Nice Dogs and this fits much better. If you have a dog or dogs that are Naughty but Nice, this is the place to come and have your perceptions changed for the better and to build a strong relationship with your furry companions.

Will I come back?  That’s a yes. Already booked.

About the author: I’m Rowan a Pro Dog Trainer that only trains his dogs. Maybe that will change and I’ll pass on what I have learnt and experienced at Devon Dogs to other dog guardians. I’m also a grief coach that specialises in helping people who have, or are grieving the loss of their animal companion, either though death or having to given them up due to changing circumstances.  Pets and companion animals are part of our lives, but we are the whole of theirs.