frozen meat treats

Frozen Meat Treats

This week’s recipe is Frozen Meat Treats. Perfect recipe to have some frozen treats in your freezer ready for those particularly hot days. 

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Imagine how the pattern of our lives can be woven from the philosophy of kindness, which can make a tremendous impact in the world.

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frozen apple treats

Frozen Apple Treats

Made from just apples, yoghurt and water, Frozen Apple Treats are a fab cooling treat for your dogs on those hot summer days!

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Connection to Others

When we connect with others without criticism or judgment, we feel a sense of closeness and belonging. We feel nourished.

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agility show part 2

Agility Show Tips Part 2

Agility show success Pt 2 – one of the best forms of feedback is to watch yourself on video. See what works and what needs improvement!

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Granite Way

The Granite Way

The Granite Way is very close to Bowerland and runs along the northwest edge of the granite massif of Dartmoor. 5 min drive from us.

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frozen tuna treats

Frozen Tuna Treats

We’ve all thrown our dogs an ice cube or two, but why not be more adventurous and prepare some Frozen Tuna Treats!

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