Benefits of Natural World

Benefits of the Natural World

Ecology – Mother Earth – getting back to nature, what does the natural world mean to you? There are so many benefits to be had in the natural world around us. Something that we sometimes take for granted as it can and does become second nature to us in our day to day life.

Walking in nature blows the cobwebs away

Being in close contact with the natural world all around us is so important to us all, and has been throughout the ages.  Taking a walk on the open moors, or on a beach, or anywhere where you can as long as you manage to be out and about.  Walking in nature will literally blow the cobwebs away.  When you feel a bit down, and low in spirits, put on your walking shoes or boots, pick up a warm jacket and go for a walk – go somewhere wild! See and experience nature, it is all around us, no matter where we live.  Don\’t make excuses, we can always find reasons not to, just do it. You will feel the benefit.

You will soon begin to notice movements of insects, bees and animals

Sometimes it is great to go for a walk on your own, especially if you want to mull something over, or get back in touch with yourself and have some quiet time. But equally it can be uplifting to walk with a loved one, a friend or colleague.

  • Don\’t hurry your walk, take your time and enjoy it.
  • Look around you, take notice of what is going on.
  • After you have been walking for awhile, find somewhere to sit and just take in the atmosphere,
  • be still and silent, absorb the nature all around you.
  • You will soon begin to notice movements of insects, bees, and even animals.
  • The rustling of leaves, the sounds and smells of nature.

And of course, be sure to honour the seasons. There is joy to be had in every season, from watching the falling leaves in Autumn, to feeling the heat of the sun in high summer.

Nature Based Therapies

There are a number of nature based therapies that have been sprung up recently, which encourage ways that nature can boost your mental health. For example, eco-therapy which helps to facilitate activities in nature. You can also find your way back to connect with nature by studying the practice of Shinrin-Yoku. This forest therapy guides people to find their connection to the woods. Opening up to the life and songs of the forest, and engaging all your senses.

Great Mental Benefits

Results have shown that the greatest benefit to be had on your mood and mental health is by having many short and frequent walks. Make it part of your daily routine wherever possible. The higher your stress levels, the more benefit you will gain from getting out in the fresh air, and becoming part of the world around you. It is something that we can all achieve, even for just 10 minutes a day.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Read more Monday Motivation blogs HERE.

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Photo by Christiane from Pixabay